Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics is proud to be offering the highest quality cosmetics that are All Natural and Certified Vegan products. So not only will your skin look and feel amazing with these outstanding cosmetics but you will also feel proud knowing you are caring for yourself, for animals and the environment.

All HHC products are developed without the use of animal testing and do not use animal derived ingredients. We Choose Cruelty Free.

Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics are a superior mineral make-up and you will love how easy they are to apply. They will provide a flawless and natural glow that leaves you feeling as though you aren’t wearing any make-up at all. What a great feeling.

Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics invites you and all your girlfriends to book a cosmetics party. Not only are there great rewards to hosting a party, helping you to save a bundle on your purchases, but they are a fun way of getting your friends together for an enjoyable evening. At the party you will have the opportunity to sample the exceptional quality of these products and you will also receive some valuable tips and tricks of the trade to achieve a professional look.


If you would like to contact us Email: info@hemmingshc.com.au