Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Loose Mineral Foundation….

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Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Loose Mineral Foundation… is the best  powder foundation in town.

Not only you can create this beautiful look above by using our Loose Mineral Foundation, it will also leave you feeling beautiful in the inside and out! What an amazing Foundation.

Here is a little blog about our beautiful Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Loose Mineral Foundation: This is the purest, most natural looking form and type of foundation available. It offers great coverage from light to full with SPF15+ sunscreen. Incredible for oil control, you don’t need anything else with this product as it offers a beautiful soft feeling coverage. Just an amazing Foundation that offers you Flawless Beauty Naturally!!!

Not only are we proud to state that our cosmetics are cruelty free therefore being the number one choice for all of those who prefer a vegan product, but also our cosmetics are made of natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types and especially for women who suffer from sensitive skin, acne and rosacea. Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics are a soothing product for irritated skin, as, incorporated in the ingredients are healing agents to help assist irritated skin without drying it out. Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics mineral foundation contain Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide, both of which help to soothe the skin. You can even use our products after facial surgeries.

If you would like to purchase this product, please go onto our website www.hemmingshc.com.au and click onto our Shopping Cart where you can buy and view all of your products range!

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