Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics party…

Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics will be hosting a party at a beautiful Vegan cafe/shop called

Peace Pie! We would like to invite you all to our Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Party so you

all can come and test our beautiful Cosmetics out for your self,  while eating and drinking some wonderful

vegan friendly foods!

Date: 15th March, 2014

Where: Peace Pie


: 140 Sutton Street, Redcliff

Time: 1:00pm

If you come on the day we have a few makeovers to give away to our beautiful guest! You could be the lucky one to get her makeup done by a qualified makeup artist and a free correct colour match for your skin type!  This is worth at least $150.00 and u could win it for free on the day.


 come and support our local Vegan, Animal Cruelty Free, Australian owned and Produced

Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics and Peace Pie!

You can test all of Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics for free and if you would like to buy some one the day you can

 too! This is the best makeup in town that looks after your beautiful skin and our beautiful wildlife! Why not give us a try and come along and test for your self!


e hope to see u all their, just remember to place the 15th March in ur diaries for our Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics party at Peace Pie!

Have a wonder ful day!

Kind regards,

Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics

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