How to create the best Smoky Eyes in town…

smoky eyes

Whether you got a big concert or a fancy gala to attend, creating a smoky eye can be easy done. All you need to know is these three simply rules and you can create a classic and dramatic look depending on your mood or event you are going to.

Step 1. Getting started.

Choosing your colours. Any colours can be used to create a smoky eye, although you will need at least three shades of a similar hue. The classic smoky eye is created with black or grey, but bronze and brown are also commonly used.

  • Green eyes look particularly good with a grey and plum smoky eye, while blue eyes pop with gold or copper and brown eyes go great with shades of navy and grey.
  • You should choose 3 shades of colour: one being a light colour to highlight with, a medium colour for the base of the eyelid and a darker shad for the smoky part. You can get brilliant shades of colour in our Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Eyeshades . We offer a great range of colour to create any smoky eye look.
  • Avoid choosing colours that are to bright, or if you have fair skin to dark. You want your smoky eye to accentuate your pretty face, not to distract from it.

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Step2. Using the right tools.

  • Using the right supplies will give you the perfect smoky eye. Using Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Loose Eye Shadows  will give you the best blending ability, which is necessary for creating a great smoky eye.
  • Use pitch-black Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Eyeliner to accentuate your smoky eye. Using a pencil eyeliner will give you a softer blended look.
  • Be sure to use good quality makeup brushes, by using our range at Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics. Using dirty or old brushes will create a smeared look that doesn’t blend. The best eye shadow brushes to create a smoky look are Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Multi Task Brush and our Shadow Brush.
  • Be sure to have a concealer ready to prep your eyelids before applying the eye shadow.
  • Have a large fluffy brush ready like our Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Kabuki Brush, to remove any fall outs.

Step 3. Apply your face makeup.

Before you put on your smoky eyes, you should create your neutral palette. Apply concealer under your eyes and on any dark or red spots, and then apply Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Foundation over the top to set the base.

  • You have the option of applying blush or bronzer to add dimension to you face. For a bronzer, sweep it into the hollows of your cheeks with a large fluffy brush. To apply Remember to apply both lightly, for the most natural look.
  • Make sure your eyebrows are well-shaped and coloured with Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Brow Pencil or Brow Dust to finish off the perfect look.

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  1. Keep in mind that it is easier to add more colour than to take away. Start with a light layer of eye shadow first than add more as you go to get the look you want.
  2. Invest is some good brushes such as Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Brushes.
  3. Use good quality makeup such as Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics Makeup.
  4. You can find all of our wonderful eye shadows and brushes at and go to our shopping cart to start your smoky eyes today!!!

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