Hemmings Heavenly Cosmetics are a superior mineral make-up that have a silky texture and gives even coverage that feels beautiful on your skin. All of our foundations contain a sunscreen, SPF 15+ so you know your skin is protected.

Not only are we proud to state that our cosmetics are cruelty free therefore being the number one choice for all of those who prefer a vegan product, but also our cosmetics are made of natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types and especially for women who suffer from sensitive skin, acne and rosacea. HHC are a soothing product for irritated skin, as, incorporated in the ingredients are healing agents to help assist irritated skin without drying it out. HHC mineral foundation contain Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide, both of which help to soothe the skin. You can even use our products after facial surgeries.


HHC Mineral FoundationLoose Mineral Foundation: This is the purest, most natural looking form and type of foundation available. It offers great coverage from light to full with SPF15+ sunscreen. Incredible for oil control, you don’t need anything else with this product as it offers a beautiful soft feeling coverage.
HHC Mineral Liquid FoundationLiquid Mineral Foundation: This is a creamy, easy to apply and long lasting foundation, with NO transference technology, and gives excellent coverage.
HHC BB CreamBB Cream: This is the latest craze and with good reason! Beauty Balm cream is a deluxe vitamin enriched moisturiser crossed with a luxurious foundation all in one! Truly elegant.
HHC Concealer TrioMineral  Corrector and Concealer: This is a light and creamy product, very easy to use and extremely versatile for covering spots and correcting dark circles and pigmentation. A must in your make-up kit, if you are looking for a flawless finish.
HHC Mineral Setting PowderMineral Setting Powder: This powder is a silky blend of the lightest minerals with a touch of calcium. It is applied after foundation and will aid in oil absorption as well as giving a smooth matte finish.
HHC_Mineral BlushPowder Blush: Our powder blush will brighten up your cheeks in a soft and natural way, with long lasting colour. It is made from a silky, sheer formula that is very easy to blend and as the colour pigment is highly concentrated, a little goes a long way.
HHC Mineral BronzerBronzer Powder: If you are looking for that sun kissed look that gives your skin that warm and healthy glow, then the bronzer powder is your answer. Just a touch of this product will wake up a tired and pale complexion making you fell like you have been on holidays!
HHC Mineral IlluminateIlluminate Powder: To give a glamorous look and feel to your skin, and to add an extra flawless illuminated glow, this luxurious powder can be added anywhere you want light to go.
HHC Mineral Pressed Eye ShadowMineral Pressed Eye Shadow: Our beautiful Pressed eye shadow offer the same intense pigments without the sparkle and shimmer for a more natural finish.
HHC Mineral Eye ShadowMineral Eye Shadow: These eye shadows are so versatile you can use the colours to create dramatic or natural looking eyes or take advantage of our wide range of colours and create something wild and crazy! These shadows are also long lasting and won’t fade or wear off throughout your busy day or your night out.
6594-200x114Mineral Eye Liner: This product is so beautiful, creamy and soft. The eye liner is so easy to apply and will last all day or night.
HHC Mineral MascaraMineral Mascara: You want, Fuller, Longer, Thicker, Blacker lashes? Yes this mascara does it all with one difference…a reduction in eye irritation. With many women suffering eye irritations from wearing mascara we are excited to be able to offer you a solution. Our all natural ingredients means less irritation for you.
HHC Brow DustBrow Dust: You can create a perfect brow with this amazing product. It can be used wet or dry, to define your brow. So easy to use!
Brow LinerBrow Pencil: If you prefer a pencil for your brow then this is for you! You can colour and define you brow in seconds, with this easy to use and long lasting pencil.
HHC Mineral LipstickMineral Lipsticks: This lipstick is the most beautiful you will ever wear. It is 100% natural and vegan. This lipstick is offered in amazing colours that are long wearing, luscious and moisturising but not greasy. It has a great taste and no waxy smell.
Mineral Chubbi LipstickMineral Lipstick Chubbi’s: The Chubbi’s offer the same in quality as our beautiful lipstick but in a chubby pencil. Great to take anywhere and easy to apply.
Mineral Lip LinerMineral Lip Liner Pencil: This beautiful lip liner is creamy, long wearing and very soft and easy to apply. Every woman needs a great lip liner to create that perfect pout.
HHC Lip GlossMineral Cream Lip Gloss: This product comes in a range of amazing colours it will be hard to stop at just one. 100% natural and vegan, this lip gloss will dazzle you with sparkle and shine. It is moisturising without being greasy or sticky, and has a great taste too!


Accessories and Brushes

Our brushes are all handmade with the finest of materials, a perfect compliment for your new makeup range. No animals were destroyed or maimed for the purpose of making our brushes. The handles are not created from the destruction of rainforests, nor have we used materials from countries that use endangered species of wood. Our brushes are proudly cruelty free, so you know that you are using the best for you and the best for nature.

Professional Vegan Kabuki Brush (Nylon): For the application of loose mineral foundation powders, setting powders, blush and bronzers.

Duel Shadow/Liner Brush (Nylon): For the application of dry/wet mineral shadows or brow dust or to create lines.

Slim and Chubbi Pencil Sharpener: The Perfect sharpener that will keep all your cosmetic pencils in the best shape for each application. Suits all pencils thin and thick.

Vegan Shadow Brush: For the application of all mineral shadows.


HHC_vegan kabuki brush HHC_vegan brush HHC_duel pencil sharpener HHC_vegan brush colour fill